Peering Personal

MyNOG-9 Peering Personal

Peering Personal Session start at 15:45 on 19th September 2022 at Track A, Summit 1 Hall.

Click here to view MyNOG-9 Conference Programme and Agenda. Please get yourself ready during Peering Personal session.

Akamai – AS 20940
AWS – AS 16509
ByteDance – AS 396986
GB Network Solutions – AS 132372
Globe Telecom – AS 4775
IPServerOne – AS 43552
Nevigate Communications – AS 132829
Shinjiru – AS 45839
TIME dotCom – AS 9930
U Mobile – AS 38466
X86 Network – AS 133936

Equinix Internet Exchange – IXP

What is Peering Personals?

Peering Personals offers the opportunity for network operators to introduce your network/peering information to other participants in a brief 60 seconds presentation, hence maximising your network awareness, boosting peering opportunities and improving network performance.

To learn more about Peering Personal session, please refer to the video for more info. (Source: Peering Asia).

How to Participate?

  • One Slide – Each organisation is ONLY allowed one slide per category.
  • Submission – You may submit the completed slide via MyNOG-9’s Call for Paper portal Please don’t forget to select “Peering Personal” under the dropdown menu to specify the Track type.  
  • Deadline – All slides should be submitted by the 5th of September 2022.
  • Confirmation – Await for confirmation from MyNOG-9 Program Committee (PC) on the approval status.
  • 60 Seconds – A maximum of  60 seconds talktime will be allocated per approved slide.