Paper Abstract

Economic Transformation Programme: a perspective on NKEA CCI
Dr. Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek
Director for NKEA Communications, Content and Infrastructure; NKEA Agriculture, NKRA Rural Development (PEMANDU)

The Economic Transformation Programme was started in October 2010, it has been more than 3 years and the results has been promising. This programme is set to end in 2020 to help Malaysia achieve the High Income nation status which will help improve the quality of life for its citizens. The Programme covers key economic sectors with Communications Content and Infrastructure (CCI) being one. This sector has evolved over the years achieving the set targets allowing for the sector to flourish. The journey has not been without its challenges, but being catalytic in nature projects with the right business model thrives. The future holds much for the sector, with the private sector being a key driver meeting the demand of the market for CCI related services. This sets the foundation for Malaysia to achieve the next phase of evolution of becoming Digital Malaysia; the last push to 2020.

Tracking Data Growth Across the Continent
Chaw Kiang
Head of Sales and Business Development Asia Pacific (Dyn)

A review of the current Asian wholesale IP transit market with a focus on the large on/off-continent players and their typical paths/performance.

Optical Transport Technologies and Trends (Tutorial based)
Dion Leung, Ph.D.
Director, Solutions and Sales Engineering (BTI)

The Internet as an industry has increasingly relied on fiber optic technologies for transport. The availability of and the business decision in selecting dark fiber, lit fiber and more recently “grey” fiber is also a hot subject among operators, content providers and collocation service providers.

The tutorial is designed for audience who has little or no optical knowledge or exposure to the subject of optical networking. It covers some fundamental concepts, essential ‘lego’ blocks for designing an optical network, practical deployment tips and upcoming future trends.

Traffic Engineering for CDNs
Matt Jansen
Senior Network Architect (Akamai Technologies)

This presentation sums up the challenges and misconceptions of doing traffic engineering when dealing with a CDN (specifically a DNS based one) as opposed to a ‘traditional’ network and the unintended effects traditional BGP-TE measures have when applied to a decentralised CDN as well as showing how to best resolve those.

Introduction to Segment Routing
Ismail Ali
Technical Consultant (Cisco Systems (M) Sdn Bhd)

A technical introduction to Segment Routing, its applications and use cases plus Interworking with other protocols.

APNIC Update
Anna Mulingbayan
APNIC’s Senior Internet Resource Analyst and Liaison Officer for the South East Asia region.

Combating DDoS and why peering is important in Asia
Marty Strong
Network Engineer (Cloud Flare)

Transit providers in Asia often lack diverse local interconnection, this can cause big bottlenecks when large DDoS attacks occur. The presentation explores how local peering can help to absorb very large DDoS attacks and prevent bottlenecks.