COVID-19 Safety Measures

While we gather as a community, let’s not forget to Live with COVID Safely.

It is MyNOG-9 Conference’s policy that all attendees wear well-fitting masks while attending the event and ensure that mask removal is kept to a minimum, specifically ONLY for eating and drinking. This policy is in force even if the current local regulations are less strict to ensure everyone’s safety, and with the purpose of making everyone comfortable at the event.

We strongly encourage everyone to bring your own mask while attending the conference, but a small number of masks will be made available if needed. Hand sanitisers will also be provided at entry points and at strategic locations within the conference venue.

ONLY speakers and session moderators are not required to wear masks while presenting on stage, as there would be enough distance between them and the audience. It is optional and we’ll leave it to the discretion and comfort level of the individual. That being said, we would definitely encourage it.

We strongly encourage all participants to test before attending the conference. If you are not feeling well or test positive for COVID-19, please do not attend the conference, as there is always a next time………..MyNOG-10 Conference 2023 :-)