MyIX MyNOG Conference 2017 Papers

MyIX Updates
Raja Mohan
Being Open: How Facebook Got Its Edge
Matt Jansen
Interconnection Manager, Facebook
APNIC Updates
Deputy Director General, APNIC
APNIC RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) Service Update
Brenda Buwu
Network Engineer, APNIC
Cloud Traffic Engineer – Google Espresso Project
Shaowen Ma
Product Director, Juniper Networks
How Data Center Traffic is Changing Your Network
Lim Kok Chen
Sales Engineer, Coriant
Blockchain – The future of Internet
Muhammad Moinur Rahman
Head of Technology, DZCRD Networks Ltd
An Autonomous Network Management?
Dr Azman Ali
Senior Consultant, Telekom Malaysia
Scaling Datacenter Bandwidth with 400G and 800G Ethernet
YJ Huang
System Engineering Manager APAC, Arista Networks
The Stakes Have Changed – The Changing Security Landscape
Tony Teo
SE Director-Asia Pacific, Arbor Networks
What Happen In Our Backyards? – Cyber Security Threats Landscape
Megat Muazzam Abdul Mutalib
Head of MyCert, CyberSecurity Malaysia
DDOS Mitigation Experience from IP ServerOne
CL Lee
Managing Director, IP ServerOne Solutions Sdn Bhd
Peering 101
Doug Wilson
Sr. Network Engineer, Hurricane Electric
Open Connect Appliances
Jocelyn Ooi
Interconnection Manager, Netflix