MyNOG-5 Papers

MyIX Updates
Raja Mohan Marappan
Operations Manager, MyIX
APNIC Updates
Anna Mulingbayan
Internet Resource Analyst, APNIC
Optical Transport Technologies and Trends
(Tutorial based)
Dion Leung, Ph.D
Director, Solutions and Sales Engineering (BTI)
Traffic Engineering for CDNs
Matt Jansen
Senior Network Architect (Akamai Technologies)
DDoS Threats Landscape : Countering Large-scale DDoS attacks
CF Chui
Solutions Architect, Arbor Networks
New Market Evaluation Strategy Guide
Walt Wollny
Director of Interconnection Strategy (Hurricane Electric)
Combating DDoS and why peering is important in Asia
Marty Strong
Network Engineer (Cloud Flare)
Tracking Data Growth Across the Continent
Chaw Kiang
Head of Sales and Business Development Asia Pacific (Dyn)
Are you ready for the next attack? Reviewing the SP Security Checklist
Barry Greene
Zero Day Malware Detection/Prevention Using Open Source Software – Proof of Concept
Fathi Kamil Mohad Zainuddin
Senior Analyst (Malware Research Centre, MyCERT)
RPKI: An Operator’s Implementation
Mark Tinka
Head of Engineering (SEACOM)
Introduction to Segment Routing
Ismail Ali
Technical Consultant (Cisco Systems (M) Sdn Bhd)